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A semi accurate map of my brain:

I saw super pretty girl on the underground the other day, I wanted to tell her she was such the prettiest girl I’ve seen all week. But I didn’t.

  -  1 September

The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

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nevverDaniel Clowes

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"Remember how I said I’d come someday baby?
How I said I’d come around to see you one day?
I said I’d try to find a way to run away, I’d get away some day.
Gonna come someday baby, gonna fly around the world to hear you say..
I’m gonna fly around the world to try to find you again and say:
I never thought I’d see you again,
I never thought I’d get to be with my best friend,
never thought I had to tell you again,
never thought I had to tell you how I lost my mind again."

-At Home by Crystal Fighters (via cyberunfamous)

Ooo I love it so. My fav song atm!

Getting into Crystal Fighters. Man their sound is right there in my brain. Right there.

  -  31 August


Being good to each other is so important, guys.

Yeah dudes, just be nice, it’s so simple.


Legend of Korra Book 3 Finale

"I’m here for you, if you ever wanna talk…" *looks down* "or anything…


The poison. The poison for Korra. The poison chosen especially to kill Korra. Korra’s poison. 

That poison?

Legend of Korra Book Three Season Finale


Best season ever.

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